Google Apps Training, Workplace Productivity Training

TrainingNow that you have the new technology what can you do with it. One of the main factors companies find that the investment in the advancing technology is that they see no added benefit in terms of productivity or business growth. We bridge that gap.

We can provide extensive on-site or web-based training on Google Apps Training, ZohoCRM, GroupCamp Project Management tools and general Workplace Productivity. Our focus in all our training is to enable businesses and employees to work less, get more done and free up time of more play. Work Less and Play More.

Custom Tailored Training Programs in the Following

Are you finding that you or your business is working more and getting less done? We can help with a tailored training program to leverage the advancing technologies that will help you work less and play more.

All this is combined with typical savings in costs of 20-40% and an increase in productivity by 15-25%. Contact us to learn how we can help you grow your business without growing your hours spent working. Learn how you can work less and play more.


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