11 Ways to Completely Revamp Your Marketing

Completely Revamp Your Marketing

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Are you looking for ways of changing up your marketing campaigns?  Sometimes, change is good, and it can make your ads look fresh and new.  While you shouldn’t completely revamp your marketing on a whim, it is something necessary to step and back see if you could take things in a different direction.  Here are 11 ways you can completely revamp your marketing.

Revamp Your Marketing

1. Change up your company’s branding.

This means change your logo, your slogan, your colors… anything that is associated with your company’s brand.  You probably don’t want to change everything, but if you’ve used the same logo for 50 years, it might be time for something a little different or more current.

2. Get a spokesperson.

A spokesperson, whether it’s a real person or an animated character, it can bring new life to your services or products.  A spokesperson brings with him or her a unique personality that can redefine how your business is seen by the general public.  Just remember that a spokesperson with a negative reputation will also affect your business, so choose carefully.

3. Change your medium.

If you’ve always done print ads, consider doing television, radio, or going online.  A change, even if it’s just for one ad, can make you think about your marketing in a completely new way.

4. Work with an advertising company or consultant.

Bringing in an outside point of view can help you see where your marketing can be changed.  People outside of your company may see places for improvement that you can’t, or they might have ideas you would never have come up with.

5. Market the value of your product, not its features.

Most people immediately start pointing out the amazing features of a product but think instead of showing your customers the value of buying that product.  It makes the message much more personal.

6. Invoke pop culture.

Think about what’s trendy and what’s popular.  You don’t have to completely incorporate these things into your marketing, but look to them for inspiration.  Just remember to be flexible because what’s trendy today will be forgotten tomorrow.

7. Talk about your company’s “why.”

Why are you in business?  Some people would say to make money, but often, it’s more than that.  Is there a particular group of people you want to provide a service to?  Talk about your company’s big picture, your passions, and your goals.

8. Go big.

Instead of promoting each product or service separately or in its own advertising campaign, consider consolidating all of your marketing and simply advertise your business.  These types of ads are a great place to include the company’s “why” statement.

9. Go small.

On the other hand, if you’ve mainly promoted your business as a whole, maybe it’s time to try marketing campaigns more tightly focused on particular products or services.  This is especially helpful if you’ve just launched something new.

10. Make a minimalist ad.

Even if you don’t use it, creating an ad with just the bare necessities can help you see what’s truly necessary when marketing your product.

11. Let your creative side out.

When putting together marketing campaigns, most people look at what other businesses are doing or what’s been proven to work in the past.  But what if you didn’t?  What if you simply did what you thought was the best way to market the product?  It might turn out to be a failure, of course.  It’s risky to go with something completely different and untested, but there are times when it actually pays off.  Sometimes, these crazy, creative marketing ideas are the best ones.

What have you tried to put some spark back into your marketing?

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