Content Marketing – Why it Works

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Content Marketing - Why It Works

Content Marketing – Why it is so successful

Content marketing is a powerful tool, but it might not always be obvious why it works. It’s a perpetual social experiment and it’s always testing different angles, and in this metaphor you’re the tester and your readers are the subjects. What works? What won’t? That takes some research and trial and error on your end, but here is why the concept of content marketing works overall.

People are Curious

People like to consume things they’re interested in, and that means coming to you if you’re the one giving them something to consume. By creating content, and quality content at that, you are providing sustenance for people. You’re the restaurant of the internet, and everyone likes going out for dinner every now and again.

But the keyword here is quality content. People want to read things that are worth their time, and if you waste their time they won’t be too pleased. By focusing on what your target demo is looking to consume and in what style, you can fashion your content against those guidelines and get the most bang for your buck. In theory, content marketing works and it works well, but a theory is nothing if there isn’t someone behind it putting in the work to turn the gears. That’s where your persistence and devotion to your client base comes into play, and your readers can tell just how much effort you’re putting into serving them by the quality of the content you are generating.

It’s a balance.

People Like Bragging About Their Curiosity

Think of it like an archaeological dig. Your company is a fossil and no one knows about it, but you’ve given off hints and clues and there are at least some people who think you’re worth looking for. They don’t know what they’ll find, but they know it’ll be good. Lo and behold, after a bit of digging you’re discovered in all your glory, and the archaeologists are thrilled to have met you. So what do they do now? They definitely don’t bury you back in your little hole to leave you to be found by someone else. No, they take you to a museum and put you on display to the whole world. Whether out of the goodness of their hearts or because they wanted some recognition, it doesn’t matter – you’re on display and people know your name now.

The same principle lives on when people discover quality content on your site. They include links to it in their tweets and they get the word out to their friends and associates, and they in turn follow the road to you through those links. If they like what they see, they may even stick around to check what products you’ve got shelved in your backhouse. That’s how it spreads, and that’s how lead generation webs and works through content marketing.

Content marketing shows character, authority, and quality to readers, and those three traits hold a lot of sway in the world of knowing things. These three qualities will get your content, and thereby your company, spread through the internet and to people looking to buy from you, but without them you’ll be going nowhere. Content marketing works, but like anything that gets you from A to B it needs some fuel to get you there. That’s where you come in.

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