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Google released Chrome

For many users of the internet the browser they use does not matter much and Internet Explorer still dominates the market. I have been a avid user of Firefox and do believe that with some information the browser you use will provide you a better internet experience. To start out with I will tell you about the new internet browser from Google called Chrome.

Inside Google Chrome

Google’s idea of creating a new browser does make sense, I mean they are currently the company that is leading the growth in the internet. They offer a wide range of tools and services that many people, including myself, use. So who better qualified to make a new browser?

I have downloaded the new browser and installed in on my main laptop that I use and initially have enjoyed the setup and usage. In my opion it was easy to install and worked great so far, I have only been using it for 1 day so I will keep you updated. Here is what Google has to say.

What Google Chrome offers to you

Google Chrome is a browser that combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer, and easier.

Web search. Web history. Address bar. Suggestions as you type. One unified box serves all your browsing needs.

Every time you open a new tab, you’ll see a visual sampling of your most visited sites, most used search engines, and recently bookmarked pages and closed tabs.

Use web apps without opening your browser. Application shortcuts can directly load your favorite online apps.

You can drag tabs out of the browser to create new windows, gather multiple tabs into one window or arrange your tabs however you wish — quickly and easily.

Every tab you’re using is run independently in the browser, so if one app crashes it won’t take anything else down.

Don’t want pages you visit to show up in your web history? Choose incognito mode for private browsing.

Google Chrome warns you if you’re about to visit a suspected phishing, malware or otherwise unsafe website.

Want to bookmark a web page? Just click the star icon at the left edge of the address bar and you’re done.

When you switch to Google Chrome, you can pick up where you left off with all the bookmarks and passwords from your existing browser.

No intrusive download manager; you see your download’s status at the bottom of your current window.

Learn more

The story behind Google Chrome
Watch a video from the development team on the thinking and features behind Google Chrome.

Download Google Chrome

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