Your Business Must Use Social Media

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Your Business Must Use Social Media

If you’re not using social media, here’s why you need to get started.

Social media should be as integral to your inbound marketing campaigns as email and traditional advertising are, and even more so. Social media connects you on a global scale, meaning that even mom and pop shops can now advertise to markets around the globe by incorporating just a few hashtags into their messages. It puts power and ability in the hands of startups that was previously only reserved for the corporate giants, and you are doing yourself and your company a disservice by not taking advantage of it.


Social media is bar-none the absolute fastest way to get in contact with your potential clients and to put your name into the zeitgeist. Interactive advertising blows traditional advertising clean out of the water and the best way to get talking with your customers is through social media. But this goes beyond getting people in touch with your promotions and offers. This is about building a company image on a personal level, one that people can talk about with a more intimate tone. This makes your company more accessible, and accessibility is directly related to success.

Email and Social Media

All right, if you’re not using social media yet, then we hope you’re at least taking a proactive approach with your email marketing campaign. You’re sending out emails with promotions, advertisements, and offers, and that’s great—email is a very powerful tool to use. But despite what you’re doing with it now, it will never be stronger than when it is paired up with social media marketing. Through social media, you can build hype and desire for upcoming emails, maybe if you’ve got a big reveal or are getting ready to start your unscheduled annual blowout event. Using social media to augment your email marketing campaign is the surest way to boost lead generation.


Social media is also an indispensable tool for keeping track of public opinion as well as checking to see what works and what doesn’t. By experimenting with your posts across several networks you can see which ones generate the most traction and which ones don’t and running those numbers through a set of social media analysis tools will help you fine-tune and sharpen your marketing strategy. This saves you money, improves your marketing campaign, and keeps you in touch with your target market all in one blow, so there’s no reason why you should skip out on using social media.

With social media you can create an effective marketing campaign in whatever down time you have. Every post you add to your company’s social media presence is another potential set of leads and clients, and the more you do it the better you’ll get. But even apart from all that, social media can be used to advertise your expertise within the industry. By posting links, giving tips, communicating with both industry leaders and clients, and advertising yourself, you reach a level of connection and reputation that was previously unavailable through traditional marketing means. The best part of it all: you can do it for a fraction of the cost.

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