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Video Email, it Works!

This article was originally posted on Aweber(Affilate Link), the company I personal use for email marketing and list management. This is a great peice and thought I would share it. You can read the full article on Aweber’s Site through my affiliate link

Video CameraIf you could send a “silent video email” to subscribers, would you?

In a previous discussion of how to send video emails, we noted that Flash and JavaScript (which video programs typically rely on) are blocked by pretty much every major email provider out there.

Our suggestion, then, was to put a picture of the video in your email and encourage subscribers to click on it to play the video.

This is a useful way to drive traffic to your video, but it’s not quite a video email – after all, there’s no movement to grab the reader’s attention. It uses a static image just like other HTML emails do…

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