Engaged or Active, Social Media for your Business

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How Important is Social Media for Your Business?

Engaged or ActiveI am guessing that everyone has heard about the importance of Social Media for your business. Also the importance to be active in your community that relates to your product or service. One thing I noticed however, is that being active is completely different from being engaged.

Let me give you an example, I recently did a post comparing 4 project management solutions. Here at Damang Media Group we were looking for a cloud based project management system. Upon publishing that post the first comment I received was from Zoho Project. I then got a comment from Manymoon which was one of the 4 solutions reviewed. I did not get any feedback from the other two in the post.

Some of the other comments were from some of our readers offering suggestions on other solutions that we did not review in our initial testing. I was happy to see that they were engaged in the “Project Management space”, still no response from the other two companies.

We picked Zoho Project in our testing and started to use it in a production environment. However, the challenge we soon realized was that clients were not using it. We had to go back and find another solution.

Having tested the 4,  we had a good idea of what they could do. I turned to the comments and this brought me to GroupCamp Project. We went ahead and had a look at it and found it too was also a great solution. After some testing, we decided that we would continue testing it in a production environment.

We did a follow-up post about the updates in the system we were using and guess who commented? That is right Zoho sent an email asking what clients had found difficult, and were looking at providing solutions and fixes. GroupCamp also messaged us and thanked us for the review and offered support in getting things up and running.

Now, the two other project management solutions reviewed were also great products. I find it interesting that I have not heard anything from them to this point, and these two posts are directly related to the community channel they are involved in.

Based on the communication and feedback from Zoho and GroupCamp, I would be happy recommending Zoho Project or GroupCamp Project to any of our clients that are looking for a cloud based project management solution.

Now I ask you, are you active or engaged?

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