Search Engine Optimization Audit

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How Does Google See Your Website?

Are you Prepared? Get a Search Engine Optimization Audit

Today search engine traffic is becoming a major reason for businesses ability to generate leads online. Our Search Engine Optimization Audit will highlight areas on your website to improve performance, increase traffic, grow lead generation and more. Our search engine optimization report will measure all the current areas of your website like keywords, links, and SEO best practices.

We will also offer you a full list of easy to carry out suggestions that can improve your ranking in the next 30 days. For most sites, it is some minor tweaks and some focus on you content and you can see dramatic SEO improvements.

The SEO Audit Will Include:

Insure Your Site is Up-to-Date

A comprehensive review of your website that checks it against important “seo best practices”.

How do you compare?

An overall evaluation of your site as it compares to your top 3 competitors.

Review the Design and Structure

We will analyze some areas within your website that include functionality, accessibility, content presentation, navigation, browser compatibility, and is mobile friendly.

A list of Action Items

A list of recommended SEO activities that could help improve performance in as little as 30 days.

It’s a first step in creating a stronger online presence and your site’s power to generate sales! The Search Engine Optimization Audit will give you tips and suggestions to improve you search engine performance in as little as 30 days. 

Lead generation from qualified organic search traffic converts better and becomes long-term customers. With the Search Engine Optimization Audit, you can find target keywords that will attract and engage new customers and traffic.