Microsoft Outlook Sucks, here’s why!

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Yes that is right Microsoft Outlook sucks

Now I know this is probably going to get me beat up when I leave the office today, but I thought I would share why I think there is a better way than Microsoft Outlook.

Microsoft Outlook was built when messaging was a one way dialogue. I mean when people started using Outlook it was a way to connect to the internet to get the email the people sent. This as we know has changed, email is just one of the ways we communicate online.

The interface is full of fancy shiny things to distract you from what you are doing which is getting through your email. To many feature in one place, you can not serve more than one master. The idea of having one application do everything well in principle is nice but in practice creates distractions

I know a lot of people can use and do use a lot of the features of Microsoft Outlook. However, from our experience when we do a Google Apps migration to clients that are coming from an Outlook environment, once trained on the use of a cloud based email client, increase their productivity by over 40%. That means people find that they can manage their email better.

Let’s look at the interface and see what you think

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook



What would you rather work in?

So I do agree, at one point Outlook had its place. That place was when you had hosted email that you needed to get access to. You did not get email from your phone, you did not need ways to respond to social networks etc.

That was when Microsoft Outlook was built, this has changed. We now need tools that allow us to engage in conversations. We need tools that allow us to respond from different devices. Yes, there is a new “online version of Microsoft Outlook” however the shiny distractions are still there.

That is why Microsoft Outlook sucks, what do you think?

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