Marketing Strategy – The Power is In The Value

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Marketing Strategy ValueWith the speed of business today, it’s no longer enough to be a reactive marketing companyyou have to have a marketing strategy that is proactive, or you might as well pack it up and call it a day. Sure, you might still be paying the bills with that one old fashioned client who believes in the honor of a loyal customer, but all the others will have left for greener pastures, with grass that folds and crinkles.

The New Marketing Strategy

Now that social media and constant internet access has given every company a brand, a brand name isn’isn’t as heavy as it used to be. You can’t just slap a logo on a product anymore and call it a day, unless you’re something huge like Apple, of course. Now you need the logo and a reputation, and the only reputations worth having anymore are the ones that are spread from person to person and tweet to tweet.

As a marketing company in today’s connected environment, you need a marketing strategy that will make your clients a household name. That’s where you have to stop being a service provider and become a value generator.

Service Provider

Services providers are old news, and if you get stubborn and stick to doing the bare minimum as was defined by a definition of marketing strategy that was outdated 5 iPhones ago, then you’ll just be a footnote in the obituary section. If your only work consists of taking what the client asks of you and creating what they want from it, you’re a service provider, and that’s not enough.

What’s worse is that your client might not know it, so it is your job to let them see what a real marketing company can do, and that’s the first step of transitioning from service provider to value generator marketing strategy.

Value Generator

A value generator will not only spread the word about your company, but they will increase the worth of the word they’re spreading. This is accomplished by doing your own research and not only getting the work that your client wants done, but telling them what work they should want to be done.

You should be promoting and pushing ideas on them that will take their product/service to the next class of consumer good, because chances are that they’re not exactly sure how to do this themselves. This is your job as a value generator, and it’s much more rewarding in the long run.

While there are several new tactics and tricks being constantly tested and adapted to help marketing companies keep their clients at the front of the competition, it may be difficult for a budding marketing company to wrap their minds around the concepts. But this isn’t limited to the youths; veterans who have fallen on hard times might be trapped in the past and have trouble shaking off old habits. Luckily, for the marketing company looking to thrive, there are many resources online to aid in a reimaging of your reimaging company, so take the initiative and start doing some research – you are a value generator, after all.


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