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Many of us get into having a website for one reason or another, the main reason is to generate revenue. Weather we have a business and we want to market a service or product, or we have a home business and we want to promote what we do or we are a blogger and we want to generate a stream of income from advertising on our blog. With so many options it is tough to sift through the options to monetize your online presence so I have put together a small list of ways that you can get some money coming in, and you never know you could work from the beach of your choice and have money coming in 24/7. Sweet! Also, so you know this links are with my referral link as well, which in essence is to show you how easy it is to generate a little income from your website.

I would also like to thank Syed Balkhi from http://www.balkhis.com as some of the recommend systems are from his site and his personal recommendations. I have highlighted the ones I use and included the ones that Syed uses and has had success with.

Google Adsense – Google Adsense is one of the best ways to make money online, the nice thing is ads are targeted toward your niche. I am new to adsense, however I have had income from them each and every month since I have had a adsense account. Sign up for Google Adsense

Bidvertiser – As you see i am finding much success with bidvertiser that is why Bidvertiser is in my list towards the top. I recommend bidvertiser because they do not limit you 3 ad spots a page. They pay your through PayPal and I have made money with this system.  Make money from your Website or Blog with BidVertiser

Adbrite – Adbrite is a top notch company and I have used them as an advertiser and now using them as a publisher as well. I have heard great things about the system and will give you a update as I play with the differnnt ad types etc.  Join Adbrite Now

Widget Bucks – Widget Bucks tend to be making a lot of money with some of my friends therefore i am recommending Widget Bucks. Join Widget Bucks Now

Clicksor – Clicksor is one of a decent companies that pays through paypal like bidvertiser. They have an option of pop-up advertising as well. I have not used this service but do know people that have made money with this site. Join Clicksor Now

Market Leverage – The Best Affiliate Marketing Network ever. When I set up my account they personally called me to make sure I was on the right track and had a good solution.  Join Market Leverage today!

These are just a few companies that I am recommending that makes money online. There are tons others that you can use for yourself. As I said I have used some of these and am testing others, I will keep you updated as I learn more. This short list should get you started in the right direction and start to bring a little passive income into your website.

If you have experince with other systems, or comments please share and let us know.

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