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Chrome Web Store- Apps,Extensions,ThemesGoogle announced the Google Chrome Web Store the other day and I thought I would have another look at what was happening with Chrome. I had started using Chrome in the early days but had switched back to Firefox because of lack of support for some of my faviote extensions.

I am happy to say that I was pleasantly surprised with the upgrades and support for the Google Chrome browser.  The Chrome Web Store allows you to browse all the web apps, extensions and themes that are available for the Chrome Web Browser. Once installed it creates a nice little home panel when you open chrome with the shortcuts to your installed apps in a easy to use quick access location.

I installed some of my favorite apps- Google Docs, Google Reader, Hootsuite, and Gmail. Now when I open up the Chrome browesr I am greeted with quick access to all my cloud computing apps.

Google Chrome Desktop

And that missing extension support that drew me back to Firefox, now supported in Chrome. Just so you can know what those extensions are I use the following Wisestamp (great signature tool for Gmail), Player), X-Marks (Bookmark sync tool that will live on).

What browser do you use? What are some of your favorite extensions that you use?

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