Google Calendar Event Colors

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Google Calendar Gets Some Color

Have you every found that the Google Calendar can be somewhat daunting when you have multiple calendars displaying? Yes, you can turn the calendar display off for the ones you do not need to see, but sometimes you want to get a full overview of what is happening for the week or day. I have many different events on the my calendar including personal and business appointments and marketing task & events. Google Calendar now has a way to visually highlight events with Event Colors. Now you can add some flair to different types of events to help see them quickly. Google Calendar Event Colors To access this feature just click on the Event time, from the pop up click beside the title and pick your Google Calendar event color. Or, you can open the event and pick the color from the event details page. Google Calendar Event Color Choice Also, another feature to help find events quickly is Event Flair which is a Google Calendar Lab that you can enable from the Calendar Settings -> Labs. Google Calendar is getting better, what do you use as a calendar?

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