Gmail Addons That You Must have

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Gmail Addons that Help Get You Through The Email

We did a post on managing email and touched on some of the Gmail addons and power user tips that can help with managing email. Here is a list of must have Gmail addons to get the most out of Gmail.

The average business user checks their email between 6-20 times a day. Now if you spend 10 minutes each time that is a staggering 1-3.3 hours a day.

Let’s focus on productivity and use some tools to help us with that. Also, if you are interested in other ways to manage email checkout our 25 email tips to manage your daily email challenge.

Before getting started I would also suggest one of the Gmail Labs be activated. Canned Responses, this with filters can be a productivity tip.

[dropcap]1.[/dropcap] PowerInbox
PowerInbox is one of the powerful Gmail addons that helps you manage your social networks from the notifications you get by email. You can access Twitter, Facebook, Google+ right from the email. You can send a tweet, direct message, reply to Wall post and more.

[dropcap]2.[/dropcap] Rapportive
This add-on is great for finding and connecting with people through your emails. It will find related information and networks for the person emailing you so you can find out if you are connected in networks like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to name a few. It also displays some of their latest tweets etc. This a great relationship building tool, all right from your email.

[dropcap]3.[/dropcap] Boomerang
Boomerang is a great Gmail addon that allows you to send email later, schedule follow ups, and also hide email that you do not want to deal with today. This is great option if you get email on the weekend and you want to deal with on Monday. No problem, set it for Monday it hides the message from your inbox and the pops back in on Monday at the scheduled time.

That should get you started with some great Gmail addons. If you have any favorites please share in the comments below.

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