Bring the Cloud to your Desktop

Cloud Storage Solutions

The rapid acceleration of cloud storage solutions adoption provides ample evidence that the benefits of cloud computing are becoming widely recognized. In addition to the broader economic benefits, cloud hosting solutions is great for off-site backup, universal access, rapid provisioning and group sharing.

The challenge that we face is how to make the transition to the cloud as seamless as possible. For example, how can we use cloud storage solutions without disturbing existing workflows or rewriting applications? The solution is to integrate objects in the cloud with existing file systems, allowing cloud hosting services to be directly accessed from the convenience of a desktop while existing applications and workflows remain unchanged.

With the many online storage services that have become available it is now time that businesses look to add cloud storage for some of their file storage requirements using the infrastructure of some companies like  Amazon S3, Google Docs, Dropbox, and to name a few.

The advantages of using cloud storage solutions

These are just a few, and there are many, of the ways to take advantage of the cloud hosting solution options available to you, and all at a very reasonable cost, far less that buying new hardware.

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