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The Project management tools in GroupCamp will improve your team collaboration and productivity! If you are Looking to collaborate better on projects, then book a demo of GroupCamp Project Management Tools today!

Project Management Tools - GroupCamp
  • Web-based project management tools for improved team collaboration.
  • Improve both your team productivity and your online collaboration with clients.

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How to set up a collaborative project with a client? How to set up collaborative time tracking on your project tasks? How to plan your project and sync your deadlines with your calendar?


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Follow all project activities with a real-time news feed. Track late tasks and milestones. View your project schedule.


Share all your project links and files. Manage versions. Add tags. View download history.


Create your tasks, set due dates and assign them. Add time records and time estimates. Add task types. Import task lists from other projects.


Create online topics and launch discussions online. Close obsolete discussions. Add followers. Send email notifications.


Set the key deadlines for your projects and link them to your task lists. Add your project milestones to your calendar.


Keep track of the time spent on all project tasks. Generate reports and export into excel or csv files.


Add pages for collaborative writing. Create links between pages. Manage and compare revisions.